Saturday, 4 May 2013

My First Week

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My First Week

I found out about Filofaxes a while back now. Maybe a few months ago when I discovered Organised Like Jen's channel. I am hooked on that channel and it is one of my favourites because not only did I find a love for Filofaxes there, but Jen rekindled my love for organising and reaffirmed my desire to spend my life inspiring people through my passions of paper, tape, organisation and creativity.

Let's fast forward to April 27th of 2013 and I wake up in the morning, roll over to my partner and confess my excitement to the point that it is then decided that we must make a special trip to the city to go and pick up the Filofax I had ogled only two days prior. Talk about being on a high. I felt like my whole body was buzzing and I wanted to dance and sing and jump around the train and trams singing about how awesome my life was going to be when I finally had my Filofax in my hands. I think by the halfway point on our journey into the city my partner probably wanted to stuff paper in my mouth. [ahehe]

We arrived in the city and walked the few blocks to the David Jones store. At that stage I wanted to fly. I was pretty spastic too, jumping a little and running my mouth about all the exciting things I was going to do as soon as I got it. By the time we arrived at the store it was like I was just waking up on Christmas morning, ready to see what Santa had install for me.

It might be interesting to mention that I never go inside those expensive department stores. I am a thrift shopper my heart but after doing my research online I knew I wanted the Swift Personal in Sage and I knew that they stocked it there. I wasn't fussed about paying the $80 dollars, and in fact my partner ended up paying for it in the long run and for a bundle of stuff I purchased afterwards too [He is so sweet] So going into that store was a new experience and purchasing something that expensive would usually freak me out since I like to get as much out of my money as possible. But let me tell you guys when my partner paid for my Swift and the woman handed it to me in that plastic bag I had no words. I nearly cried, I swear a few tears threatened to escape, but I sniffed them back. It was one of those moments of pure bliss where I knew my life was about to change for the better and that this Beautiful bound Planner was about to kick start my dreams, inspire me immensely and introduce me to a community that still even one week later takes my breath away.

This week has been mind blowing. I have met some amazing people, inspired myself and my family [even my siblings and parents into considering a Filofax] and even more so I have put my plans on paper and my life is beautifully organised in one place. I am now able to incorporate my dreams, desires, goals, plans, to-dos and even my gratitude lists all in my little place of Grace. Which is why I named her Grace, because to me she incorporates everything that's inside me, and holds it all inside of her and offers me that amazing state of joy, creativity, passion and most importantly, a humble and graceful place of rest.


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