About Me


My name is Blair Mirth and I'm an avid organizer with a big heart for creativity and inspiration. I am happiest when I'm guiding people towards following their bliss in whatever way I can. While I take no credit for changing lives, in the past year I have seen many people make beautiful and positive changes in their own lives after watching and reading my helpful organisational tips on Youtube and various blogs. Some of the fantastic and exciting subjects I have covered include House and Family, Writing and Craft, Food and Health, and Spirituality and New Age love.

I am a practicing Psychic with a penchant for paper, stationery and anything artsy in hand. My motto is: Dream big and follow your bliss -- I believe everybody can do just that. Let your passions soar. Let your mind explode with ideas, and never be afraid to say “I can.” These are some of the values that I live by and hope to inspire others to explore.

I have a Certificate in Business and am a promoter of entrepreneurial spirit. I aspire to continue this lifelong journey of learning in every way possible, especially in the field of living the best life possible, following my own bliss and inspiring and guiding others to do the same using my personal experience as a road map and the skills I've developed to teach others how to adapt a better life filled with love, creativity and passion.

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